A Caucasian Affair-A Complete 10 day Itinerary of Georgia


10 day Itinerary of Georgia: Narikala Fortress

Georgia- Sakartvelo to the locals, is on the crossroads of Western Asia & Eastern Europe. Its bounded by the black sea (West), Russia (North), Turkey/Armenia (South) & Azerbaijan (South East). We visited Georgia in the month of July and lush greenery greeted us from every corner. We spent 10 days driving through this beautiful country and have listed a detailed 10 day itinerary of Georgia, trying to cover as many sights as possible in this beautiful country.


If you enjoy lush greenery with snow peaked mountains, you should visit from June until August. If you are in Georgia for the snow, you should plan your visit from November until March. Winters are not always snowy so check here before you plan your trip.

10 day Itinerary of Georgia:Kakheti Vineyards


Here is the list of 94 countries whose citizens can stay for up to 360 days without a visa. Indian nationals need to apply for an E-visa to enter Georgia. FlyDubai, Wizz Air, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, Air Arabia, Emirates, Air France, S7 Airlines all have frequent flights to Georgia. You can find the best deals on SkyScanner


If you are visiting Georgia in Spring, you can pack summer clothes with light cardigans. The mountain ranges will be cold throughout the year with the temperature dropping to 9C in Spring so pack a few winter clothes and a windbreaker. 


We used Tbilisi as our base in Georgia. As its right at the centre, it is easy to plan your trips from here.

  • Day 1 & 2 TBILISI
  • Day 4 KAKHETI
  • Day 5 TBILISI
  • Day 6 & 7 BATUMI
  • Day 8 KUTAISI
  • Day 9 TBILISI
  • Day 10 GO HOME

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Tbilisi is a vibrant city full of life with warm & friendly people and one of the most popular places to visit in Georgia among tourists. You might come across very few natives who speak english, yet they are more than willing to help and make you feel welcome. The best way to discover this city is by foot. Driving within city limits can be borderline crazy. Cabs are cheap, though they might take you for a ride literally, so checking with a local on the fare structure can help haggle. Most international flights fly to Tbilisi, so you can start off with Tbilisi and do a full circle. You can also consider flying into Tbilisi and out of Batumi or Kutaisi.

Highlights of Tbilisi

  • ¥ Rustaveli Avenue
  • ¥ Tbilisi Funicular
  • ¥ Freedom Square
  • ¥ Old Tbilisi & The Bridge of Peace
  • ¥ Try the Chicken Stew Boat Khachapuri at Samikitno Rest near Freedom Square
  • ¥ Try the Kindzmarauli Wine from Tsangala’s Wine Shop, Shavteli Street
  • ¥ Abanotubani Sulphur Baths
  • ¥ Mamadaviti Church
  • ¥ Narikala Fortress

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10 day Itinerary of Georgia: Bridge of Peace

The Bridge of Peace


Head to the Kazbegi mountain ranges with a stop over at Ananuri, which is a UNESCO Heritage site. The castle itself is breathtaking with stunning views of the Aragvi river. Kazbegi is ranked high on the list of places to visit in Georgia.

It is believed that Christianity was first preached in Georgia during the 5th century and with a majority of Christian population, Georgia has numerous beautiful churches. 

The trip to Kazbegi takes about 4.5 hours from Tbilisi and the drive is nothing short of stunning, with green mountains, patches of snow, fresh water rivers, grazing herds of sheep and cattle and the magical drive through the clouds. 

The Holy Gergeti Trinity Church in Gudauri is a must visit for anyone venturing into this area. The church is at an elevation of 2170 m under Mount Kazbegi. You can either trek up to this church which takes about 3-4 hours or take a local taxi. Now the local taxi’s used here are extremely old beat up Russian Lada’s which are well past their prime. Be prepared for a rough ride but the view that awaits you at the top is totally worth all that & more. This region is also a popular ski destination.

10 day Itinerary of Georgia: Narikala Fortress UNESCO Site

Narikala Fortress

10 day Itinerary of Georgia: Gergeti Trinity Church

Gergeti Trinity Church

Highlights of the Area

  • ¥ Stepantsminda (Gergeti Trinity Church)
  • ¥ Gudauri
  • ¥ Ananuri
  • ¥ Georgian-Russian Friendship Monument
  • ¥ Gudauri Recreational Area- Paragliding (Highly dependent on weather/wind conditions)
  • ¥ Skiing 

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Kakheti region is ranked highly on the top places to visit in Georgia. Kakheti is solely for the wine lovers. One of Georgia’s premier wine producing areas, Kakheti, will be your ideal happy-hazy part of the vacation. Most wine cellar visits here would involve a tour of the premises, history of wine and a couple of freebies in the name of wine tasting. The best vineyard in the area is that of Winery Khareba

10 day Itinerary of Georgia: Wine Tour in kakheti

Wine Tour

10 day Itinerary of Georgia: Vineyard in Kakheti Georgia

Highlights of the Region

  • ¥ Monastery Tours-David Gareja Monastery Complex
  • ¥ Winery Khareba Tour

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Kakheti to Batumi is too long a drive so its better to stop over at Tbilisi and visit any spillovers from Day 2 or just enjoy the night life here before gearing up for the long drive to Batumi.


Batumi is a seaside city by the Black Sea coast and the capital of Adjara Region, close to the Turkey border. It is about 8 hours of drive from the capital city. If you enjoy a bit of gambling, this is one of the top places to visit. Plan at least 2 days here just to enjoy this beautiful coastal town. What we loved here was the Black Sea cruise and the long walks by the Batumi Boulevard.

10 day Itinerary of Georgia: Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Boulevard

10 day Itinerary of Georgia: Batumi

Highlights of Batumi

  • ¥ Batumi Boulevard – Boulevard itself has so much to offer from restaurants to beach shacks, arm wrestling competitions, Chess matches, Scooter rides, Ferris Wheel, Skateboarding to name a few
  • ¥ Cruise along Batumi Coast
  • ¥ Argo Cable Car
  • ¥ Fountain of Neptun

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Three hours from Batumi, this city is the third biggest in Georgia after Tbilisi and Batumi and has an international airport. One of the popular attractions here is the canyons. Martvili Canyon is an hour away from Kutaisi, and river rafting here is safe and child friendly. Just a few minutes away from Martivili is the Okatse Canyon. A 1km long walkway suspended along the edge of this canyon enables visitors to explore this natural wonder and its beautiful waterfalls. A word of caution here for people with Acrophobia,the pathway though sturdy does not give the same impression and can get pretty scary.

Sataplia cave is a must visit for all dinosaur enthusiasts. Dinosaur footprints were discovered in early 1935 and preserved till date. Discovered in Imereti region in 1984, Prometheus Cave is one of Georgia’s natural wonders to visit. This canyon is home to breathtaking views of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, and underground rivers.

10 day Itinerary of Georgia:Martvili Canyon

Martvili Canyon

Highlights of the Region 

  • ¥ Okatse Canyon
  • ¥ Martvili Canyon
  • ¥ Prometheus Cave
  • ¥ Sataplia Cave


After a 8 day road trip, all you would want to do is relax, eat and shop for souvenirs. This is the ideal time to treat yourself to a Sulphur bath. As for souvenir shopping, we recommend getting Wines, Grape Seed Oil, Churchkela to name a few. Caucasian carpets are also a popular item most tourists with luggage allowances end up buying.

Note: We visited Georgia much before the tourism barrage started, when it was still a hidden gem. Lot of things have changed over the years. We will try to keep this article as updated as possible 🙂


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