Who We Are



Welcome to Couple Of Travels! We are Vishnu & Tara, a couple who loves travel, adventure, dogs & elephants.

We are part-time travelers who started our journey in 2015…… and we have never looked back. Since then, we have climbed one of the Seven Summits in Kilimanjaro, trekked up the Dragon Crest Mountain-Thailand in search of its legendary gigantic tiger, dined at a magical restaurant at the middle of the ocean in Zanzibar, followed the footsteps of Indiana Jones in Petra, flew a micro-flight in Ras Al Khaimah, witnessed an epic sunrise at Angkor Watt, visited the doorway to hell in Turkmenistan, all whilst bringing our readers along.

5 years and 32 countries later, we believe that you don’t have to be full time travelers to see the world. We hope to inspire each one of you to take that first step to exploring this beautiful planet.

Hi! I am Tara

I was flitting between the “real” world and the vivid, colorful world of my imagination until I met Vishnu. Annddd then… both my worlds merged!

Partial to books, elephants, dogs and pudding, I hope to see the whole wide world before I turn 50.

I research countries, plan itineraries, pose for photographs and write articles for you guys at Couple Of Travels.


Meet Vishnu

Clearly, all writing jobs around here gets passed down to me. So here goes…

Vishnu is an adrenaline junkie, life of the party, perfectionist, homebody and creative hermit, all rolled into one. When not traveling, an ideal day in his life would involve hours on end creating and editing content, watching funny dog videos and cuddling with me.

He hopes to retire early and live in a country side with a couple of dogs by his side.

He is THE main man behind the camera and all the visual treats you see on Couple of Travels.