Absolute Dog Lovers Paradise in Switzerland

If you have followed our adventures so far, you would know that we are ardent dog lovers. We could not contain our excitement when we heard about the Barry Foundation, a museum devoted to the national dog of Switzerland-St Bernard’s.

The Barry Foundation is named after the legendary avalanche dog “Barry”. They currently house over 30 St. Bernards in addition to the 20+ puppies that are born each year. They have an exemplary team of dog keepers, vets and specialists to ensure the upkeep of this breed. 

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  • Hike with St.Bernards
  • Social calls at home to those home bound
  • School visits for children with special needs
  • Special activities for those with autism spectrum disorders
  • Individual therapy for treating dog fear
  • Playtime with St.Bernards

Check out their events calendar

The Barry Foundation


The most popular activity at Barry Foundation is the ‘Hike with St. Bernard’s‘. It is advisable to book the activity in advance as they only allow limited visitors. You can mail them to check availability and confirm your slot. 

Website: www.fondation-barry.ch

Email info@fondation-barry.ch

Cost for walk: CHF 30/ $ 32 per person


Martigny is a tiny town and there isn’t much to do here. It is ideal to schedule a morning walk and hop on the train to your next destination the very same day.

  • Train from Geneva to Martigny (1h.40m)- Book here
  • Train from Interlaken to Martigny (1h.50m)- Book here
  • Zurich to Martigny (3h)- Book here

The Barry Foundation


Only a 5 minute cab ride from Martigny Railway Station, this living museum experience is simply awesome.Being the dog lovers that we are, we detest cages and the general environment in which these dogs usually have to live in. But thats just not how it is in here. These champs do not live in cages, but in miniature doggie apartments with proper beds and even a balcony. It is so well maintained that we wouldn’t mind shacking up with them for a day or two and save up on those exorbitant hotel tariffs! 

The fun activities include a hike to the nearby hills with the St.B’s in tow. You get one dog per couple/group and a keeper leads the way. The walk takes about 45 minutes and ends with a fun photo session with the entire pack. The museum in itself includes a cafe/restaurant, souvenir shop and a display of the history of St. B’s. This is a fun activity for children and adults alike.

Couple of Travels
Couple of Travels

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